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What is your relationship like?

Tangled love stories by women across America

"It reads like a diary marked by vulnerability and gives generously like a cookbook"
Sexy Delicious Healthy: A Therapeutic Cookbook

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The Problem

For decades, women have been disillusioned into a diet-obsessed lifestyle with no exits in sight. As a result, we're trapped in an abusive relationship... with food, and our bodies and states of mind are paying the price. This manifests itself in all kinds of food behaviors, from overeating to food deprivation. This mismanaged obsession with weight not only destroys our confidence, it poses major health risks.

Our Campaign

We urge you to band together with your sisters and resist the powers that tell us we are not enough.
In our therapeutic cookbook, we delve deep into the importance of treating ourselves the way we would our own precious babies. We offer strategies for self exploration to achieve food freedom.

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