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Sweet press about our campaign
"Taking a Sexy Delicious Healthy approach"

SouthCoastToday, 3/5/2015

"There’s an epidemic going on, about body image, and I’m going through the same struggle,” she said. “I have a complicated relationship with food, and it’s a real relationship, just like any relationship. I believe that sharing and honesty matter. But women aren’t talking about this, right?...

After talking passionately and eloquently for the better part of an hour about women and their complex relationships with food, she’s asked a simple question: If you could boil down your motivation to one thought, what would it be?

She pauses, and then lets out an answer with an exhalation: "I just want to help people."

"The Morning Show: Women are ignoring one of the most important relationships in their lives"

WBSM Radio with Phil Paleologos, 3/5/2015


" ... It's a problem, right? It's food; food is our life-force. It is something we need to pay attention to... A lot of the time we use behavioral techniques to, say, lose weight or gain weight or eat better and, usually, it only is short lived...most of us go on a diet for a little while and then we are back to eating the way we did before... I'm suggesting...if we really want to develop a healthy realtionship with food and our body, (we) talk about it (as a relationship to be nurtured)... When we start to talk about our relationship with food, we start to talk about our lives..."

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