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Fundraising Season

Kristen is gearing up for fundraising season! We plan to work hard to raise the small amount of money we need to get this therapeutic book to women across America.

Our therapeutic cookbook features delicious recipes, vulnerable essays by women about their often complicated relationship with food, and authentic portraits of the women who have shared their recipes and stories.

We hope, after connecting to another woman’s story, there is the opportunity to try her meal. We hope, after looking into her eyes, we strive for a little more loving kindness for other women and ourselves. We want to provide the opportunity to taste what she has after crying the way she has. It’s a way to inspire closeness among women, start a united front against deprivation, minimize the feelings of inadequacy, and, most of all, combat marginalization from one female to another.

Our first event will be a summer night cocktail party where you get to sample some of our recipes featured in "Sexy Delicious Healthy: the cookbook!!!!" Items on the menu range from sexy lobster chowder shots to herb infused cocktails and mocktails. There will be live music and even stand-up comedy! We have a lot of very talented friends who are donating their time to the project. More info coming soon!

Let us know if you want to show some love by helping sell tickets or offering your talents and services. Facebook us or send an email to You may also make a donation to support the project via our Gofundme account.

All of the money will go toward publishing our book and marketing it, so women across America can join the experience.

Let summer and fundraising begin! On behalf of all women, we thank you in advance for your love and support.

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