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The Ladies Behind the Project

Sexy Delicious Healthy is made possible thanks to these dedicated women
Alicia Racine
Concept Designer

Alicia Racine is an actress, singer, psychoanalytic life coach, and the creator of the Facebook group Sexy Delicious Healthy. Originally, the group functioned as a place to discuss fitness and share healthy recipes, but Alicia could hear the unspoken insecurities, feel the pain, and see the beauty waiting to shine. In true Alicia fashion, she challenged the group members to recognize their complicated relationships with food and dared group members to be authentic and share their story. Alicia is pouring her heart and expertise into developing and co-writing our therapeutic cookbook.

Alicia is a force born with many gifts and she uses her fiery spirit and creative talents to improve the lives of others.

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Cynthia Roy
Project Manager

Cynthia Roy is a science educator and organizer. When she isn't teaching, she is managing campaigns.  Her talent lies in activating others. As the project manager, she manages communications, develops organizational tools, and keeps the team focused. She is also co-writing our therapeutic cookbook.

Like many of us, Cynthia also enjoys food. She loves hosting parties and cooking with her girlfriends.


Shandy Monte- Raposa
Portrait Photographer & Social Media Administrator

Shandy Monte-Raposa is an actress and professional photographer in Southeastern Massachusetts. Not only is Shandy the talent behind our stunning portraits, but she provides the light and warmth needed to maintain our passion for this project. She oozes good vibes and authenticity in person, through her photos, and even on the interwebz!

When Shandy isn't behind the camera or computer, she is reading eastern philosophy and striving for inward growth through meditation, visualizations, and the like. Oh, and she is a pretty gifted performer too! Don't be suprised if she belts show tunes during your photoshoot.

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Lisa Nichols
Food Photographer

Lisa holds degrees in both photography and graphic design and is the owner of Right Click Photography and Right Click Design. She has a wide range of skill and designs everything from logos to magazine layouts and photographs everything from weddings to food. Like many artists, Lisa is fascinated by culture and passioante about social action. This fascination and passion comes through in her photography and design, resulting in captivating and activating images.

Lisa is one of the sweetest souls you are likely to encounter. Somehow, even with chefs buzzing around her and dishes clanking, she remains positive, calm, and graceful.

She is a true delight!

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Rebekah Fontaine Christofi

Rebekah is an educator and fitness instructor. She enjoys yoga, Zumba, PIYO, ballet, and gymnastics and is dedicated to improving her physical fitness and helping others achieve sexy health. When she isn't hitting the gym or spending time with her beautiful family, she is editing essays, essays, and more essays. She has the job of going through the submitted essays to make sure all of our I's are dotted and T's are crossed! Of course it is much more than that; and, in actuality, she works hard to and takes the time to make sure your authentic voice is heard in your story. If you submit an essay, expect a phone call from Bekah. She prefers personal conversation and values human connection.


Kristen McDonald
Fundraiser Event Cooridinator

Kristen is a case manager for individuals with mental illness and addiction disorders. Kristen is very nurturing and, fittingly, the mother hen of the team. She is always there to offer words of encouragement and and a warm hug. Despite her warm and fuzzy demeanor, she is quite fierce and knows how to get the job done. Tall demands, short time frames, and chaotic energy... nothing is too big of a feat for Kristen! She effortlessly coordinates spectacular events. Currently, she is working on the Sexy Delicious Healthy fundraiser dinner, where you will you get a sneak peek of the cookbook and to try our very own Sexy Delicious Healthy recipes. It is sure to be a good time!


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