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Show some love for Sexy Delicious Healthy


Sexy Delicious Healthy is made up of many talented women, ranging from photographers to chefs, donating their time and talents to create a book and campaign to improve our relationship with food and body image, starting with the way we nourish ourselves. In order to publish our book, we are asking for your help. Please consider attending a fundraiser or making a donation through Gofundme.

Summer Cocktail Party Fundraiser

Join is on July 26, 2015 from 2-4PM to sample recipes in our cookbook and enjoy live music and cocktails. Tickets can be purchase through any SDH Team Member or online where you will recive an e-ticket.


Money raised will go to publication of the book.


Donations can be made through Gofundme, which is the world's  #1 personal fundraising website.


Money raised will go to marketing the book.

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